Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Need Extra Incum?

I know that most of my readers are unemployed, degenerate gamblers, and recovering (and non-recovering) alcoholics, so I figured you could use some extra cash in your pocket for whatever it is you do with your cash. Well, what better way to earn cash than as a semen taster? From responsesource.com:

Online sex toy retailer LoveHoney.co.uk is advertising what could be the most unusual job ever. The company is searching for a sexually active couple who will be
prepared to test a new pill designed to change the taste of semen.The pill, which is taken as a twice-a-day for 30 days, claims to mask the traditionally salty taste of male ejaculate with a refreshing apple-like flavour.

Successful applicants will take the pill for 30 days and will use an online blog to provide a blow-by-blow account of how the taste of their partner's sexual fluid changes."A payment is offered," says LoveHoney test organiser Ali Carnegie, "But this is really a job that people should do for love rather than money."Couples who are interested in the position can apply by completing the Sperm Tester application form on the LoveHoney Web site. The test product is 100% vegetarian. Both straight and gay couples are encouraged to apply.

Lovehoney.co.uk is the UK’s leading women-friendly online sex toy retailer, forging the way for women to buy sex toys confidently, comfortably, and at the lowest prices in the UK. Brother site www.cocklocker.co.uk continues to do the same for gay men the world over.


Circe said...

Where do you find these stories?

NegativeMode said...

I pull them from the ether.

Circe said...

I am so grateful to the ether that it is so prolific in its contributions to humanity.

I put this one on my site:

mbryan88 said...

Great post! i added your link to our sites. www.manonman.co.uk & www.club-l.co.uk