Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Light

Last Light, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

Two exposure vertorama of another beautiful Jamaican sunset. I think I'm just about done with the Jamaican pictures, although I like this one a bit better. I feel like I overprocessed one or two of the others and this is a bit better. This is what it actually looked like standing on the beach. My wife and I have made a pact to get down to the Caribbean at least once a year. It's too easy and there are too many good deals from Philly not to.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Warmth, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

More of the beautiful colors of fall as seen in Fairmont Park. It never ceases to amaze me as I hike the trails of the Park that I've never left the Philadelphia city limits and I'm less than 5 miles from my house. Pretty amazing park for a huge city.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fall, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

Every year the tree behind our house turns a brilliant hue of orange-red. My wife and I love the few weeks each year when we walk downstairs and see the tree blazing in the sunlight though the window. It's the perfect symbol of fall.

I tried to capture its beauty with this shot. This is actually a huge (for me) file made up of 4 separate raw shots stitched together. Also, I've decided to add a watermark with my name and title to each shot. Thoughts?

Monday, October 26, 2009


Driftwood, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

Apparently, I still remember how to process photos. Taking photos is a different story, as I haven't been able to get out and about in a long time. Instead, I went back and looked through my shots from Jamaica. This one was taken just as the afternoon storms were rolling in.

It's a two exposure vertorama, stitched together in Photoshop. Taken with my trusty Canon 10-22mm.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

2 exposure vertorama of the Grand Palladium resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I've stayed here twice since it opened last year, and it's been great both times. Beautiful pool, good food, and great drinks. Not much more you can ask for.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


JoePa, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

For the Penn Staters out there. Had to take a shot of the JoePa statue while I was walking around with my tripod. It would have been disrespectful not to.

Joseph Vincent "Joe" Paterno (born December 21, 1926, in Brooklyn, New York), is an American football coach and the current head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions, a position he has held since 1966. Paterno, nicknamed "JoePa," holds the record for the most victories by an FBS football coach, and has coached more bowl game wins and undefeated seasons than any other coach in college football history. Paterno is one of four active coaches inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (along with Chris Ault, Bobby Bowden, and John Gagliardi).

Monday, October 05, 2009


Monolith, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

Literally the calm before the storm. Taken on a beautiful Friday evening, September 25, 2009. Beaver Stadium on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University. Penn State football was undefeated and things could not have been better. 24 hours later and it was 20 degrees colder, pouring rain, and Iowa had beaten Penn State for the 7 time in the last 8 meetings between the two teams. What a difference a day makes.

This is a two exposure vertorama, taken with my favorite lens as of late, the Canon 10-22mm.