Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hu Flung Pu

For some reason I haven't been able to blog from my primary computer, hence, the lack up updates. I'm sorry. I can only imagine the disappointment you must feel when you open NegativeMode only to see the same post for days on end. Unfortunately, due to my pending nuptials, I haven't had any time to be creative and think of things to post. Really all I have time to do is think about thing I have to get ready or pick up or pay for. Regardless, here's a true story, from Reuters to amuse you:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Thieves in Germany stole 7,500 euros ($9,554) from a man by throwing feces at him from behind and then pick-pocketing him while they pretended to help clean up the mess, authorities said Monday.

After withdrawing 8,000 euros from a bank for a holiday the man was struck in the back of the neck by what he described as human feces, police in the central town of Giessen said.

"Immediately afterwards two large women came up to him from behind and claimed they had seen someone excreting down onto the street from above," police said in a statement.

The two women then began briskly wiping the filth from the man's clothing with paper towels they had with them. They were soon joined by a third man, who also came bearing paper towels.

Only when the man went to take his foul-smelling trousers to cleaners did he notice that 7,500 euros had been taken from his back pocket by one of the would-be helpers, police said.

Now that, my friends, is a quality robbery. And, if you're still bored, try this. The highest I've gotten is 20. Simple, but strangely addicting (I guess anything is when you're trying to kill time).

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