Thursday, September 03, 2009


Jellyfish, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

Jellyfish at the Camden Aquarium. Such weird animals, yet I could have watched them float around for hours. It's hard to believe that they're sentient beings seeing as how they look like a condom filled with water.

Single exposure processed in Photoshop. I think, looking at this shot on Flickr, that the border is distracting. I'm not sure that I really feel like changing it though.

You can see more detail by clicking on the image to go to Flickr, where you can view this shot larger. You can do that for all of my shots, by the way.


Alison said...

This in unbelievable good. I have nothing else to say.

susan said...

Your photos are really good. You have a great eye. This one is Gorgeous!!!