Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And to the Chesapeake You Shall Journey

I apoligize for the staleness of the previous title as alluded to by PositiveMode. I have no doubt he speaks for you all. Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to find time to post while adjusting my schedule back to that of the so-called "real world". Please do not take that as some sort of excuse, but rather as an acknowledgement of my own blogospheric shortcomings. I will make time for more postings. I pledge this to you.

While I'm here, I am happy to tell you all that the River is again flowing (or appears to be from my vantage point at least) in its proper North to South orientation. Perhaps the recent rain has raised river volume and spurred the River to take corrective action. Perhaps higher-ups as NOAA realized that I was on to Operation River Reversal. Maybe I'm just punch-drunk from years and years of playing face-cup (PositiveMode or DJ Skuggs could enlighten you on face-cup. It's not my place.). Whatever the cause, I don't care. As long as the River is once again back to PositiveMode (I guess I should have liked the fact that it was flowing in the opposite direction, as that would have been NegativeMode. However, with my new job and subsequent responsibilities in life, a backwards flowing river was just too much to take. In the future, I promise to be more attuned to my NegativeModeness.).


PositiveMode said...

By the way, I noticed today that the Chicago River appeared to be flowing the wrong way. How fortuitous you chose to blog about that issue today.

I did some very cursory research on this phenomenon, but came up with no hard answers. I still think it's just the wind.

NegativeMode said...

Well, I'm sorry to say that the River is again flowing in the wrong direction. There is no wind to speak of today, so I don't think that the wind is causing this phenomenon. Yesterday was one day after a heavy rain, so I think that increased the flow. Really, I'm just going to have to go down to the water and do some experimentation on my own. I'd get to the bottom of this, if it weren't for those meddling kids.

dj skuggs said...

face-cup is a game of skill so complex that it would take more server space than the universe posseses to adequately describe. thus, i shall attempt a hopelessly inadequate explanation. in short, situate yourself a few feet from one or more opponents. take an empty solo cup (or a similar cup) and attempt to project it through the air so that it makes contact with your opponent's face. then close your eyes and pray that your opponent cannot peg you in the schnozz. no flinching.