Thursday, September 22, 2005

GULC's Very Own Apprentice

Let me start off by apoligizing for missing the annual "Talk Like a Pirate Day." There's really no excuse for that. Hat's off to PositiveMode for catching it and posting it up here. Now, on to the important news.

Tonight, I will be watching the season premier of a show I have never watched in the past: The Apprentice. I've heard every season that it's a good show, etc., but it just didn't appeal to me. Well, that's all changed with the addition of our very own apprentice, Marshawn. Those of you who recently graduated Georgetown Law with me all know Marshawn. What you probably didn't know (I didn't, but that's not really saying much, as I don't have my finger on the pulse of either reality-show world or law school world) is that she is one of the apprenti this season. Here's a link to her official bio from NBC (looking very serious I might add). The Apprentice is on every Thursday at 9pm eastern (for those of you in other, more silly, timezones) and I encourage you to root Marshawn on (although I don't know what help that will really be). Anyway, best of luck to you Marshawn, I'll be watching!

Other News: The river outside my window (which I now realize, after talking to some of my other working-stiff friends, is quite a commodity) still appears to be flowing in the wrong direction, albeit slower than before. Perhaps I'll take a walk down there one day at lunch to figure this mystey out.

I like Cirque de Soliel, but I feel quite effeminate discussing it.

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Steve Carell on Saturday Night Live!