Monday, October 23, 2006

Killing Tastefully

I like to go shooting. Strictly shotgun. Trap, skeet (in the traditional, not hip-hop vernacular), sporting clay etc. I've never shot an animal. However, if I ever do use my shotgun skillz to acquire dinner, I will most certainly use the most humane means possible. Of course, by "humane", I mean "tasty". Which leads us to the NegativeMode Product of the Week: Season Shot.

Season Shot is shotgun ammunition. Basically, a shotgun shell generally consists of shot, small metal balls (usually lead). Season Shot, instead of using lead pellets in the shells, uses hardened, biodegradable food pellets that melt in the oven. Thus, when you shoot a kill a bird (no mention on the website of buckshot (or humanshot for cannibals (and vice-presidents))) it is pumped, not full of lead, but full of delicious seasoning (cajun, lemon pepper, garlic, teriyaki, or honey mustard), which then melts, and seasons, while you cook. The positives here are obvious: not lead is littered about the environment (or your dinner), you don't have to pick lead shot out of your dinner, and your meal is delicious. What a fantastic product.

Even if you're against hunting this is still an amazingly excellent product. Take your steak and shotgun out to the backyard for target practice. Shoot and season. Two birds, one stone. Very impressive product. I encourage you all to go shoot something with it.

Thanks to Mr. Heerde opening my eyes to Season Shot.

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