Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Torment, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

This is my first self-portrait. I had the idea as soon as I processed "Eye of God" below. I thought that lone table sitting there was cool, but wouldn't it be better if it was me instead of that table?

This was tricky, as I had to take the self-portrait with the same exact lighting as was coming through the window at the top of the cell. This required me sitting in my garage with a halogen lamp hanging from the garage door opener above me and the camera mounted on a tripod on a table to be at the correct height.

One the shot was taken, I removed the table and added myself. The shadow is as taken in my garage. I have a few other shots with me in various different poses, but this one was my favorite. Maybe I'll post the others later.

The feeling in this shot is meant to express what I feel like sitting in my office at work every day :)

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