Thursday, November 17, 2005

Apparently Satan is an Inventor

I don't have any comments on this other than explitives. It makes me mad. Reagan SMASH:

Capton’s Beverage Tracker system is an innovative liquor monitoring system that helps bar owners increase their liquor profits by providing real-time wireless liquor consumption data to help prevent against shrinkage. Our system help you identify over-pours and drink giveaways. Think of it as an electronic journal of everything that happens within your bar operations. Remember, you can’t manage what you can’t measure!

* - Free-Pour Spout
* - Real-Time Pour Tracking
* - Wireless Transmission
* - Accurate To 1/10th Ounce
* - Engage/Disengage Switch
* - Increases Bar Profits
* - Reduces Over-Pours
* - Reduces Theft
* - Tracks Par Stock
* - Reduces Liquor Costs

Beverage Tracker® takes complex technology and creates a simple and manageable way to track each and every ounce as your bar staff free-pours liquor. Electronics and a battery are contained in each spout. As the spout pours liquor it wirelessly transmits how much in real-time to software which captures each and every pour.

Your patrons will never know you’re using something besides a regular pour top. Your bartenders will be conscious that even though they are free pouring they are still accountable for what they pour.

Wireless Spout
Beverage Tracker uses wireless free-pour spouts, allowing bartenders to pour liquor without restricting flow or limiting quantities. Each spout contains a unique microchip that transmits pour data via radio frequency to the receiver. Each microchip has a unique code, enabling each spout to be tracked individually.
Thanks to RealTechNews for the article.

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