Friday, November 18, 2005

Is it Breezy in Here?

Webster University student Misha Sulpovar has been charged with indecent exposure. Why? Because his "performance art piece" consisted of him walking up to random people with his twig and berries hanging out of his pants zipper. He claims he wanted to see the people's reactions. Hell, I'd want to see their reactions too. In one instance, he walked up to a table at Webster's career fair "with [his] genitalia exposed through a pant zipper. After inquiring if there were any job openings with the company, . . . the suspect then colored on his genitals with a highlighter from the company's table." Makes sense to me. Maybe I'll try this next time I'm looking for a job.

Misha himself gave his reasons in his blog (I recommed that you read his blog, which is interesting to say the least): "
I go out to a populated, neutral, public place with an unzipped fly and what appears to be scrotum-like flesh hanging out. I would walk around seemingly unaware of this detail and note peoples' reactions." Why not. Oh wait, I know, because it's illegal. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk around with his (or I suppose, in today's times, her) scrotum-like flesh hanging out on a hot day? You just can't though, just like you can't rob a bank. Oh well, sorry Misha. Full article here.

Also, read about the history of beer-pong here, in part two of the Dartmouth's three part series on the evolution of beer pong.

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