Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sentencing Trial Comes to a Head

Follow up to my April 28, 2005 post regarding the Norwegian woman charged with raping some man because she blew him while he was asleep:

The 24-year-old woman found guilty on Thursday of forcing sex on a sleeping man has been sentenced to eight months in prison by a Bergen court.The woman was sentenced according to rape laws, for having obtained sexual access to a sleeping man. This was the appeals trial, after she had been sentenced to nine months for the same offense.

The assault took place at a post-party gathering in a Bergen apartment on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2004. The woman admitted to taking the man's erect penis in her mouth but claimed that he was awake and approved.

The man awoke and became extremely upset and has had psychological difficulties as a result of the incident. The appeals jury again found in favor of the man's version, the woman having suffered a severe loss of credibility by changing her story just before the first trial began.

She had originally denied that any sexual contact took place, but then said it was consensual after a DNA report emerged.

This is the first time in Norway that a woman has been convicted for rape as the sole assailant. There is one prior case of a woman being convicted of being an accessory to rape, along with two male co-defendants.

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That story blows.