Thursday, April 28, 2005

Are You Kidding Me?

A Norwegian man just won a case against a woman accused of raping him. What did this heinous crime entail? The man, 31, fell asleep on the sofa, and woke up to find that the woman, 23, was avidly performing fellatio on him. According to the woman, the man was willing and smiled. Either way, she was charged with rape, sentenced to 9 months in jail and ordered to pay a $6385 fine (read the full article here).

There's really not much commentary that I can add other than what the title of this post already expresses. The only conclusion I can come to (no pun intended) is that this woman was terribly unattractive. I mean, she must have been absolutely beastly. But even then, would you (my male readers) charge her with rape? One can only hope that they fall asleep on the couch and wake up to such a surprise. Most guys (absolutely DJ Skuggs) would enjoy the "favor", make sure no one ever knew about it, and go on with life. At the most he should have told her to wait one minute, downed some Jack Daniels, and gotten back to business. Case closed.

On a side note, it seems that NegativeMode has been dealing quite a bit with deviantstream media (how's that one ModeWatch?) recently. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but at the risk of becoming predictable and repetitive and repetitive, I will try and get back to a healthy mix of obscurestream and deviantstream media. And that, as they say, is that.


Anonymous said...

no way, Maverick is dating Joey!!!!

Circe2020 said...

did she bite him?

if she didn't, she should have.

NegativeMode said...

Good quesetion Circe. If she bit him, I bet this guy would have sued her for battery as well as rape. Agreed that she certainly should have. Honestly, I think the guy is the one who should be punished here.

(And yes, Maverick is dating Joey. You can read about it here.)

Circe2020 said...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes???

Dear god what has the world come to?

I thought Chris Klein and Katie were a great couple..both were bad actors with limited intellect and wierd facial expressions that made them look constipated.

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