Thursday, April 07, 2005

Negative Mode's Mission

I've decided that if this blog is going to work, and I actually want to keep up with it, that I should occasionally post things other than nonsense. So far, most of my postings have been rather mundane - describing the blog, the links, google maps, etc. Other posting were just silly. If you like that sort of thing, fear not, for the nonsense will still take up a majority of the site. However, I think that what people find far more interesting real, coherent thoughts. That's one of the reasons that I have a link to my friend Hunie's blog to your right. He's a good writer, and his entries are usually well thought out and often times quite poignant. He also posts pictures of Asians, and that's cool too (most are ninjas and therefore quite difficult to photograph).

Really, I just wanted to clear that up in case anyone out there is looking for some real depth from NegativeMode. It will be here soon. Possibly. Tschus.

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