Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mainstream News Comes to NegativeMode

If you look to your right and slightly down (assuming that you are reading this post while it is still fresh (mind you, it's always "fresh", just not always the most recent, but that's just semantics)), you'll see a heading entitled "Read Your Local Newspaper". Clicking on said drop-down results in a global selection of newspapers for you to choose from.

I have decided to add this unique (as compared to PositiveMode) feature for your convenience. As you are most likely aware, NegativeMode does not concern itself with the mainstream media (as is represented by the newspapers which are now immediately accessable by you). NegativeMode is concerned only with sidestream and obscurestream media, if you could say that NegativeMode is concerned with any media at all. While that is all well and good, I know that many of you out there enjoy mainstream media, and so I wanted to make sure you could get your fix upon completing your NegativeMode perusal for the day (or appropriate section thereof).

I am well aware that my newspaper selection at this point is wanting, and, as this feature is for you, I welcome your requests for newspapers to be added to the menu. Let me know and your wish shall be granted....

1 comment:

dj skuggs said...

this is an excellent addition to an already outstanding blog. there is, however, one noteworthy absence, the greenville news. i'm providing a link for your readers here. this is an especially appropriate time for the link, as one of greenville's native sons, david wilkins, was nominated to be ambassador to canada only yesterday. i can personally vouch for the character of mr. wilkins, having become acquainted with him through his youngest son, with whom i attended school for all of my grade school years.