Thursday, April 14, 2005

Spring Break Cruise - 2005

A few posts back, I wrote about man-dates. In that post, I made a brief mention of a man-cruise that I went on about a month ago for spring break. Well, I know you're all curious what us guys who went on that cruise look like, so I've decided to post a picture. The above picture is the seven of us (plus three other random guys) posing on the beach in Aruba.

Top Row from left to right: BrownBear, PositiveMode, Random (our cab driver), DJ Skuggs, Buddah, Random (he tried to sell us weed).
Bottom Row from left to right: Will, Me, Random (he was the life guard on duty) and TrinhDiesel.

I know that we all share one similar, and pretty amazing trait . . . yes, we were very tan, but you gotta remember, the sun is really strong down there. I apoligize for the blurriness of the picture, but you gotta admit, we're some pretty handsome guys!

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