Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Do The Chickens Have Large Talons?

"What's a liger?"

"It's pretty much my favorite animal . . . bred for its skills in magic."

The animal you see pictured above is none other than Zita, a female liger, and one of two cubs born from a cross between a female Bengaleese tiger and an African lion at Novosibirsk Zoo (Russia) last summer (read full story here). Apparently Zita weighs 50 kilos (I have no idea how many pounds that is, nor do I care to google the conversion), and feeds on meat, milk, eggs, and other foods that large cats enjoy snacking on. No word yet on Zita's magic skillz. . . .


Anonymous said...

I love me some liger.

Anonymous said...


if you have sound on your computer, go here if you want to, Gosh!!

NegativeMode said...

Thanks for the soundboard link. I've never seen that one before. There is also another one here
that I've been going to in my spare time. Sweet!