Friday, April 22, 2005

Rosenblog (The Summer Me?)

As you may or may not have noticed (most likely not), I've added a new link to NegativeMode. That link is to Matt Rosenberg's Rosenblog. I discovered Rosenblog earlier this week through a concerned message sent to me from PositiveMode (PositiveMode was fearful that perhaps I had been blogging well before the start of NegativeMode and that said blogging would have placed me several parsecs (I'm not sure how you measure distance in the blogosphere, so I've chosen parsecs (equal to 3.26 light-years) for now) ahead of him in the blogosphere).

At first, I wasn't sure what to make of Rosenblog. Had I actually been blogging all along, without any memory of it? What if I really was a serial bloggist but had somehow compartmentalized each of my various blogs in separate parts of my, what turns out to be insane, mind? Was someone trying to usurp my name and likeness in hopes of world (and blogosphere) domination? Each of these options was quite troubling to me.

In hopes of finding an answer, I've gone to Rosenblog several times and perused it with the appropriate amount of care. I've even emailed Matt Rosenberg to discuss Rosenblog. My research has yielded one of the following two answers:

a) There is a second (more correctly, first, as that Matt Rosenberg is older than this Matt Rosenberg), more prolific, experienced, and insightful Matt Rosenberg who has been blogging at Rosenblog (and other spots) for several years now.

b) I am completely insane and have created multiple blogging personalities, going as far as to write and recieve emails from Matt Rosenberg to Matt Rosenberg. I am, at least, sane enough to know that the other personality is made up, because that personality is in Seattle and has a differently named father (it just occured to me that, even though I'm in Virginia, maybe I am the made up personality. Maybe I'm really sitting somewhere in Seattle right now pretending that I am a 25 year-old law student in Virginia. That may sound strange, but what would you expect to get coming from a completely insane, multiple-personalitied blogger?)

So, those are my choices as I see it. I'm really hoping that "a" is the correct answer, because I find "b" extremely disconcerting. The more I think about the second option, the crazier I convince myself that I am. I'd ask for my readers' thoughts on this matter, but really, who's to say that my readers aren't just more personalities that I've created strictly for the purpose of commenting on my various blogs? That would be even more insane, but also just as likely. Either way, you should read Rosenblog, because Matt Rosenberg (either both of us or all one of me (or one of him)) is quite entertaining. I need to go take my medicine....


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it's much more complicated and terrifying than you suspect.

You're neglecting the more frightening reality that you are, in fact, Bill Walsh, D.C. law student who has imagined that he is friends with Virginia Matt Rosenberg; however, Bill Walsh is actually a creation of the REAL Virginia Matt Rosenberg, who is on supermax lockdown in a mental institution for the criminally insane at an undisclosed location, and all of this world is just a creation of his mind.

It's good to make your acquaintance, Matt. See you in Seattle.

aleigh said...

perhaps the only feasable explanation can be that a Rosenborg has become the new Rosenberg in order to create the Rosenblog to acheive world domination as well as sell a variety of delightful cheese products...