Monday, April 11, 2005

NegativeMode to PositiveMode: "You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting...."

Just to prove that NegativeMode is, at this point, better than PositiveMode, this link will provide the video of the groundbreaking William Shatner scene in Airplane II discussed in the 4.11.05 PositiveMode post entitled "Fate Can Play a Strange Game Sometimes, Lieutenant". While PositiveMode did an excellent job of scouring the virtual-globe in order to find the transcription of Shatner's scene (both the authors of PositiveMode and NegativeMode are in 100% agreement that Shatner's performance (and this scene in particular) is groundbreaking and amazing), only NegativeMode offers you visual and audio proof of its existence and brilliance. This will be particularly helpful for those of you who have not seen Airplane II (most likely most of you). In summary, PositiveMode = good, NegativeMode = super-teriffic.

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PositiveMode said...

I, of course, predicted that NegativeMode would find a way to piggyback off of my investigative work. While it is nice to have the clip available on a popular site such as NegativeMode, it is also available on the site I originally directed you, the reader, to. NegativeMode = good. PositiveMode = original.