Friday, April 29, 2005

Today is: National Shirmp Scampi Day

Today, April 29th, is National Shrimp Scampi day. I'm not really sure what sort of festivites you are supposed to partake of on National Shrimp Scampi (hereinafter NSS) Day, other than, I suppose, eating Shrimp Scampi. Also, the creators of NSS Day failed to take into account Passover, which doubly precludes any Jews from participating in this joyous occasion (I say doubly because those Jews who truly keep kosher (not just Passover Kosher) don't eat shrimp to begin with, as it isn't kosher).

Anyway, Happy NSS Day to all my readers. I hope this day of celebration finds you in good health, and with easy access to some shrimp. For a list of other slightly-off holidays celebrated in April, click here, and as a head's up, tomorrow is National Hairstyle Appreciation day, so make sure to tell a stranger their coiffure is absolutely to die for....

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Circe2020 said...

Dude, was the pope put into place on April 16? Please say that he was...b/c it was National Eggs Benedict Day..that would explain the name he chose.

Tyler(Eleventwenty) was right on when he made the connection to the Pope's name.

And..I am so bummed that I missed the fact that it was National Welding Month! I should have been out partying more.
And Port Mcclellan missed Winston Churchill Day..I am shocked and appalled.