Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Over Unger, Vector Victor, Rodger Rodger....

I shall now take the time to explain the name of the site, although I'm quite certain that fewer than one in 333 will find it to actually be interesting. If you don't think that you'll find it interesting, please don't read on, because I wouldn't want you to think that this is some sort of boring blog (it may, in fact, be a boring blog, but I wouldn't want you to base that assessment on this post).

Airplane! is one of my favorite movies. I think that most people can agree on that. What most people can't agree on is where Airplane II falls into the grand movie scheme of things. Some claim that it is the same exact movie, only set in space. Others claim that it is just plain tripe. Still others claim that it is even better than the first (usually due to the fabulous inclusion of one William Shatner).

Personally, if I had to choose solely between the three aforementioned categories, I would fall in the first, same movie set in space. Not to say that it's a bad thing, because I loved the first movie, so the same thing set in space can't be that bad. In fact, there are certain things in the second movie that are better than the first. One of those things is definately Shatner, who is awesome (if you don't agree with that, shame on you). Another of those things is the addition of a new character, the navigator of the space shuttle, a one First Officer Dunn (he doesn't have a last name as far as I can tell, if someone knows of a first name, please let me know). Dunn is a black guy with a moustache who says things in a nasely voice like "Alllright sir", "checks out in positive mode", and "checks out in negative mode". Those are pretty much his only lines and he gets sucked out of the side of the shuttle shortly thereafter (warning: that was a spoiler). I know this may not seem remotely funny to most of you out there, but if you're an Airplane! fan or Airplane II fan, you may find it mildly amusing. If you still don't find it amusing, get really high and then watch Airplane II. If that doesn't work, well, you're clinically depressed and you should see a doctor.

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, negative mode comes from the line "Checks out in negative mode." Also, I might as well explain the links on the side of the page now since it sort of ties in. The first link is to positivemode, another blog also based on a quote of First Officer Dunn. It's a pretty good blog, and at this point it is better than my blog, but it is my primary competition, and over the next few months I plan to slowly destroy it through any means necessary. They guy who runs it has freakishly long hair and looks like a muppet (not an insult, just a fact. And the muppet and hair comments are non-mutually exclusive.). The second link is to James A. Watson's IMDB listing. Mr. Watson was none other than First Officer Dunn in Airplane II, and the inspiration for this site. Finally, the last listing is to my friend Hunie's blog. It's interesting I suppose. Maybe not. Whatever.

That's it for now. One question though.... As a bloggist (what is someone who reads a blog? I'm a blogger, but are you a bloggist? blogian? blogista?) do you think my paragraphs are too long? I think that they might be. Also, I think the posts are too long. I'll try and do something about that. I also apoligize for the lack of color in this post.

Seacrest out.


PositiveMode said...

This post is an excellent, although brief, discussion of the relative merits of Airplane! and Airplane II: The Sequel. I would only add that among those who believe that the second movie is the same as the first, only set in space, is the second movie itself. Approximately 2/3 of the way through the movie, after Ted has taken control of the cockpit, Elaine leans back and says "Ted, do you ever get the feeling that we've been through this exact same thing before?" It's a nice admission by the writers/directors, I think.

I take it as a challenge that another Dunn-based blog is out to destroy me (and my blog, PositiveMode, which I have taken to writing as one word). One thing that he so far has me beat on is color. I, too, will attempt to add more color at PositiveMode in the near future.

"I think there's a problem in the computer core, sir..."

dj skuggs said...

if this blog doesn't add more color asap, i'm going to stop reading it.

dj skuggs said...

i'd like to know what negativemode thinks about google maps ( specifically, i'd like to hear the negative position on the google maps satellite feature, which this writer thinks is totally rad. i have also requested similar information from positivemode, and will possibly (i stress possibly) decide to which blog i shall swear my allegiance after reading the respective positions.