Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Maps R-O-C-K in the USA

First off, just because the name of this site is NegativeMode (I also have taken to writing my blog name as a single word with two caps) does not mean the content will be negative. Commentor DJ Skuggs has requested NegativeMode's position on google maps, and hinted that the position would be negative. Wrong DJ Skuggs. The only thing that NegativeMode feels negative about is PositiveMode. That and babies. Now, on to the maps.

NegativeMode thinks that google maps absolutely rocks. In fact, I just today spent about an hour on google maps stalking various people I know. The map feature is good, but what really rocks the casbah is the "satellite mode" (Checks out in satellite mode, sir). You can look at your house, apartment, office building, intersection where you sleep (if you are homeless) from space. It is very cool and a great way to pass time.

Check it out at Okay, this is a problem. As you can see, I can't make this stop being one gigantic link. Only was supposed to be a link. But I guess the rest of this posting will consist of a link. Obviously I'm still learning. Either way, you heard about google maps here first, not at positive mode.

Hope you're happy DJ Skuggs.

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