Thursday, April 21, 2005

Legal Ethics Update

My regular readers know that just yesterday I posted a story about an attorney who sent nude pictures of himself to his 17 year old lady-client. That lawyer is currently facing up to 11 years in jail and possible disbarment. As I warned you all yesterday, don't send naked pictures of yourself to your clients (and offer to videotape the two of you having sex), it's unethical.

What is completely, 100% ethical, according to the California bar, is to work as a criminal defense attorney by day and porn star by night. According to the AP (Read the entire article here), LA attorney Ronald S. Miller "does more than file his briefs -- he also takes them off." Ronnie, a.k.a. Don Hollywood, is a porn star, and has appeared in "Justice Your Ass", "Blow Job Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 20", "Johnny Cockman Attorney at Law", and "Young and Anal 24", among other titles (See Ron's filmography here). Good for you Ronnie!

Upon doing some more research, I've discovered that Attorney Miller is not ashamed whatsoever (why should he be?) by his night job. He currently runs a rather graphic website at Feel free to check it out, but I've gotta warn you, should you chose to enter, you'll see more of Don Hollywood than one should ever see of one's lawyer (again, we didn't cover this in Professional Responsibility, but I've got a hunch about this one, just trust me).

So, to sum it up: email sex-solicitations to young clients = no, no. Moonlighting as a porn actor = no problem. Keep on truckin' (fuckin'?) Ron!

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