Thursday, April 14, 2005

This Blog is Not Malicious (to your computer at least)

According to the BBC, some people are creating blogs with the purpose of spreading viruses and other malicious whatnot to people's computers (Thurday, April 14, 2005 article) "Websense said it had seen examples of some computer criminals creating a legitimate looking weblog, loading it with keylogging software or viral code, and then sending out the address of it through instant messenger or spam e-mail."

I just wanted to assuage any fears that you may have about NegativeMode being one of such sites. First off, I don't know where to get or how to use either keylogging software or viral code (Actually, I know of some skizzanks from whom I could get viral code, but that is neither here nor there (maybe it's there, but definitely not here)). Second, they key words in the proceeding quotes were "legitimate looking". NegativeMode is certainly not striving for any sort of legitimacy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this blog is not legitimate looking, what with Vida's ass and Terri Schiavo pancakes. There is also a clip of Shatner, so that destroys any legitimacy.

So, for now you are safe. Continue to enjoy my loquatious musings and jibber-jabber. You know you can't stop.


dj skuggs said...

wouldn't someone who was trying to spread a nasty virus attempt to assuage the fears of readers by telling them that he's not such a person?

NegativeMode said...

touche'. you'll just have to believe me. ha, ha, ha, ha.