Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'd Go With Pink


Seeing red? It may be your law firm

What mood is your law firm?

A study of the country's 200 most profitable firms found that more than half of them -- 116, to be exact -- have blue logos, websites, business cards, and other advertising materials.

Why blue? Maybe because it's what's known in the marketing business as a ''low arousal" color, one that elicits a sense of calm and relaxation. Blue also projects an aura of royalty and authority.

Red, in contrast, is an adrenaline-pumping, ''high arousal" color that exudes excitement, action, and aggression, says Tom Simons, founder of Partners + Simons, the Boston ad agency that did the study.

Red has even been shown to raise blood pressure, which may be why only 19 percent of the law firms surveyed chose it for their brand identity.

For Choate, Hall & Stewart, arousal may be a good thing. The firm recently ditched its blue motif and now features a bright red chili pepper on its website. The switch was driven by client feedback that described the firm as warm, intense, and dynamic, says Betsy Huntley, Choate's marketing director.

Just 8 percent of the firms picked gray, the color of overcast skies, perhaps wanting to avoid a dour, serious image.

Two percent selected green, nature's color. That may be a shade law firms avoid, Simons said, because it's also the color of the greenback (although others could make a case that's exactly the message lawyers want to send).

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