Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fighting Crime

I know that I often times write about myself, NegativeMode, and my partner in crime (and European traveling), PostiveMode, but that many of you don't know what we look like. Well, here's a picture of us in our crime-fighting outfits. I, of course, am wearing red with an "N" on my helmet for "NegativeMode". PositiveMode is wearing blue with an "S" on his helmet for "SuperPositiveMode" (his full name). It's hard to tell from that angle, but I just want to point out that even though PositiveMode is much taller, I have a much bigger package. Also, we're Asian. Enjoy:

Thanks to NicoleMode for taking the picture. She was wearing a yellow version of the outfit, but unfortunately, we don't have that picture.

Edit: In winter, when it is too cold to wear our crime-fighting outfits outdoors, we put on our exo-uniforms, grab our little poking sticks and poorly constucted chairs and slide across frozen lakes. It passes the time:

1 comment:

PositiveMode said...

I don't casually throw around my full name very often, but it's nice to get the deserved recognition of being Super every once in a while. Thanks, NegativeMode!

Note: you can, however, see from this angle that my hands are substantially larger than NegativeMode's.