Thursday, December 22, 2005


I'd like to introduce a new link to NegativeMode . . . Kabulog. It's right there to your right, first link in the list. Don't be afraid to touch it. Kabulog is a blog written by a friend of mine (and of many of you) who recently (September) relocated to Kabul, Afghanistan to work (and write blogs). Kabulog sort of chronicals his experiences (although, Q.A., I think that you could use more chronicaling and less pseudo-political bullshitting) and thoughts about moving to/living in a new mileau. Anyway, you should read it, as it's a lot more thoughtful than the crap I post up here (although definitely not as uproariously funny, and certainly less scatological).

Speaking of which, I know I've been slacking with the posts, but I've made a Christmas resolution to start posting more regularly. The problem is, I have some standards, so I don't like to throw any crap up here (which it may seem like I often time do). I'd rather sacrifice quantity for quality. Also, I'm busy running the Commonwealth.

Finally, I've never mentioned the link to your right entitled "NegativeMode Map." It is exactly that: a map of where my readers are located (along with mustachioed pictures). Take a second and click on the link and put yourself on the map. Better yet, add a picture of yourself with a mustache. They're funny.

That's all. Read Kabulog and come back here often. I know you're bored anyway. Oh, here's a picture I stole from Kabulog because I know that many of you can't read and just like to look at pictures:


PositiveMode said...

Another fantastic post, NegativeMode! Thanks for being awesome.

Q. A. Shah said...

Hey Positive.

I thougth it was lyrically magnificent. The content, SUPERB! This, Kabulog, it seems like all the kid's are dying to read about it.

Negativemode. Postivemode is right. You are awesome.

"And yes he be the Cheeba"