Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Preview of a River Flow Discussion

I've used this site before as a forum for my musings about river direction. Previously, those musings have always been in regard to the river that I can see outside of my office window. If you remember (which you probably do not), there was a while when I thought the river was going the wrong way. Turns out it was just windy, so it looked like it was flowing the wrong way. The point of all of this is to remind you of my affinity for staring at rivers confronting river flow questions and dilemmas. This affinity was re-stirred this weekend when I was in NYC. I encountered the most unique river-flow-directional question yet. What is this question? I'll tell you later. I don't feel like writing about it now, because it will require some links and research (that I've already done) that I'm too tired to do now.

Also, I think I have some more Jack the Ripper comments. I most certainly don't have any Iceland-extreme-price comments today, but if you'd like some, I can work on that. Thanks.

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