Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Screech and the Bathroom

First, I'd like to draw your attention to This is a website created by Dustin Diamond, i.e., Samuel "Screech Powers" from Saved By the Bell. He's created this website to express his sob story about how his home is being foreclosed and he wants your (our) money. I'd feel bad for him, except that he comes off as a big asshole in pretty much any interview you can find with him (this example, which I linked to before, is a very good example (he has an unnatural hatred of Slater) or this example). Since that's the case, I don't really care if he loses his house. That being said, it's still pretty funny that he's losing his house and made a website. You should check it out.

Second, a random thought: Sometimes I wash my hands before I go to the bathroom, you know, just to change things up.


Circe said...

You have been hanging out with Positivemode too long.

Toast to Belding.

Miss Bliss sucked.

And everyone knew that Lisa Turtle secretly hated Kelly and was secretly having threesomes with Zack and Slater behind her back.

dj skuggs said...

i feel slightly bad for him, but not really. first, from what i can tell from his interview, he has much too high an opinion of himself. he certainly doesn't seem very funny. second, although it seems like he got a raw deal from this giraldo dude, that's no reason the world should pay for him to keep his house. he made a bad business decision, and now he wants the rest of us to bail him out. he's trying to take advantage of the fact that he's a "famous celebrity" (is there another kind?). he shouldn't have bought the land if he couldn't afford it, and from what it sounds like, he couldn't. how much could the value of the place have increased in one year? and he was a real dumbass for letting giraldo string him along. if the guy's not returning your calls, it's time to find someone who will, and maybe find a lawyer. or maybe all that time on saved by the bell made him think everything would work itelf out. was he waiting for zach to concoct a crazy scheme to save him?

NegativeMode said...

ZACK Skuggs, Z-A-C-K. While I disagree with your spelling, I agree with your sentiments. Dustin Diamond is a big douche. I'm sure part of that has to do with the fact that he grew up as Screech. That's gotta mess any kid up. Anyway, Screech proved his douchebagginess again on Tuesday on Howard Stern.