Thursday, July 13, 2006

Potato Chip Update

Apparently there's a new flavor of Pringles on the market: crack. According to this article by News 8 Austin (with picture), police recently seized crack-cocaine disguised as potato chips from a man. The guy actually formed the crack into Pringles-looking potato chips and put them in a Pringles can. Pretty damn ingenious if you ask me. I have no idea how the police knew that this guy's Pringles were actually crack. Unfortuantely, I haven't yet had a chance to review this particular new flavor of Pringles. Review coming shortly....

And speaking of crack, I highly recommend FX's new show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I said "speaking of crack" because the 3rd episode featured two of the main characters becoming crackheads). It's very, very funny and, because it's on FX and after ten, they can swear, which makes for better TV, I think. Anyway, check it out tonight at 10pm on FX, I don't think you'll be dissapointed (maybe you will be, but I don't really care).


dj skuggs said...

i wanted to share this website with you readers. perhaps they're aware of it already, but, if not, it's worth checking out. it's google trends, which allows you to see what cities search the most for certain search terms. unfortunately, there haven't been enough searches for "negativemode" to get a result.

NegativeMode said...

Yeah, I saw that site a couple of weeks ago. I was going to post a link to it, but I never got around to it. Neither Negativemode nor Positivemode registers with Google trends, although I can't think of more trendier websites.

You can also compare two site to see which is more popular. Neat. Good job Skuggs.