Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moustache Storage

Speaking of moustaches, it is weird that I have a drawer devoted solely to my fake moustaches? I mean, one has to have somewhere to put one's moustaches, right? You wouldn't want your fake moustaches comingling with rubberbands or marbles or chicken bones.


Uncle mark said...

If you are a real rosenberg man you loss your marbles no later than age 10[i.e. refer to ur cuz zak] Nevertheless, what is a moutache or should I seek a rambling definition from AJ?

Circe said...

Umm...and your wife deals with your drawers of random crap?

Poor woman...imagine what your kids will bring home.

soon2brosenberg said...

To clarify, I would not say my husband has a drawer of mustaches more so a little area with 3-4. NegativeMode sometimes exaggerates