Monday, September 04, 2006

Trip to the Store

I just walked over to the Safeway (grocery store) for some pizza sauce. My wife is going to make me a pizza bagel (one for her too). So I walked over and got pizza sauce. I saw while I was there, though, that Ragu was on sale, so I bought three jars. I figure that they don't go bad unopened so it's all good. Anyway, I went to the checkout, paid for my pizza sauce and three jars of Ragu and picked up my bag (the checkout lady bagged my items for me) to leave. Now, apparently, the Safeway ran out of normal grocery bags, so my four jars were placed in a large, white, kitchen trash bag. I walked out of Safeway with a giant trashbag (30-gallon I think) with four jars of tomato sauce in it. It was really weird. Just thought I'd share.


Circe said...

Does it feel good to call her your "wife" finally?


NegativeMode said...

It does feel good. Weird, but good. Also a little zesty.