Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I was at the CVS today, and after much searching, I was able to locate Pinaud moustache wax. Now, I don't have a moustache, nor if I did would I necessarily use moustache wax (although there is a good chance I would for formal occasions like, say, a Christening or Pinochle league games). However, if I did have a moustache and use wax for grooming said moustache, I would certainly entrust my wax needs to no brand other than Pinaud. It comes with a tiny moustache comb for applying the wax. I'm glad CVS carries Pinaud moustache wax. It's comforting.


Circe said...

I suppose it could also be used for grooming back hair.

NegativeMode said...

I suppose, but I think back hair is most appropriately left unkempt.

Circe said...

I used to sneak up on my boyfriend while he was brushing his teeth and pluck random hairs from his back with tweezers.

Who thought you could make a grown man cry over a few little hairs???