Friday, March 10, 2006

Pop Art: Love It You Ingrates

Time again for another NegativeMode installment of Obscure European Artist (who's art I think is cool ("OEAwaitic")). Today's OEAwaitic is Julian Beever. Mr. Beever is an English sidewalk artist who creates 3d illusions on the sidewalk using a strictly 2d medium (he also does some wall murals and fine art paintings, and while they're all well and good, they not nearly as cool/impressive as the sidewalk art).

Anyway, here are two galleries of his pavement work. Maybe you've seen his work before (it's been floating around the internet on various webpages), but I think it's worth looking at again. I doubt this will cause as much of a brouhaha as the last OEAwaitic I posted about on here (although this OEAwaitic is named Beever), but enjoy nonetheless. Here are two of my favorites:

(the above one is made all the better by the guy wearing a Tony Blair mask)


dj skuggs said...

speaking of art, photography is art. and you can, i think, post photos of places you've been around the globe on this website.

Circe said...

Yeah..I've been a fan of the artist for awhile..just genius.

Peacy said...

He should try to get in, it's a worldwide artist community and online gallery, very interesting