Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Law Day

Please join me in celebrating what is, quite possibly, the lamest "holiday" of the year: Law Day. I suppose as a newly crowned member of the Bar, I should be celebrating this holiday by taking the day off of work and getting drunk, but I'm not. Instead, more appropriately perhaps, I will celebrate this glorious Law Day by laying out the law, working for the Man, and general TCB.

In case you are curious about the holiday, check out the American Bar Association's special Law Day website. Further, if you're not sure what to do to celebrate, the ABA suggests that you "focus on our heritage of liberty under law and how the rule of law makes our Democracy possible." Or, you could go get a hooker and some blow and party like the Law Day it is. Your call. Anyway, enjoy this lovely holiday, and don't forget to get your Law Day merchandise here.

Special thanks to KetchupMode for the heads up on this important day.

1 comment:

Circe said...

I vote for the hooker.