Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Charlie Sheen's Necklace

ContactMusic, which is like an online version of Spin, Rolling Stone, etc. had this article about Charlie Sheen and porn-star Ginger Lynn online a while ago. I found it very amusing. The most pertinant parts are as follows:

Porn legend Ginger Lynn has astounded fans of veteran actor Charlie Sheen - by selling the pearl necklace he gave her when they were an item.

The Platoon star dated the blue movie actress during an era of self-confessed drug use, and gave her a pearl necklace . . . which she is now selling on internet auction house EBAY.

Lynn tells PAGESIX.COM, "I'm parting with a few of my things that no longer hold the value in my heart they used to.

"The pearl necklace . . . [was] the very first gifts that Charlie Sheen ever gave to me. Now you too can say you got a pearl necklace from Charlie."

If you don't know why that article is extremely funny, good for you, I suppose, but you can find out here, at UrbanDictionary (which by the way is awesome). I'm sorry that the article is old news, I just thought that it was a very well-written, informative article that most of my readers (if there are any left other than PositiveMode) would enjoy.

More importantly, I'm not sure exactly how you sell such an item on ebay. Usually, a pearl necklace is quite elusive, and at the very least, markedly ephemeral. How does shipping on that work, or is it for sale locally only? So many questions, so few answers.


Tony said...

I believe it is shipped in a toothpaste like tube and you have to apply the necklace on your own. Instructions for application include Charlie's very own sexing playlist, his favorite aromatic candles and the types of meats and cheeses he prefers on his post necklace sandwich.

David Silver said...

I wonder if she is also selling Charlie Sheen's angry dragon or Kennybunkport surprise.

Circe said...

Nice. Something that every girl would treasure.

I think that many girls have cherished pearl necklaces from this beloved actor. I'm sure Heidi Fleiss is still trying to return several of them.