Monday, October 17, 2005

Fowl Ball

I started wondering about the relationship between the military and chicken after passing by a KFC the other day. Colonel Sanders and his special recipe has tantalized our tastebuds for over a half of century. What about Chinese food? The delicacy of hot, sweet and spicy pieces of dark meat is known as General Tso's chicken. The perfect match of military precision and tender fowl - simply a coincidence or is there something deeper? I decided to probe a little further and this is what I found: here's a link to an excellent article by Michael Browning of the Washington Post that explains the roots of General Tso chicken. Did you know that Napoleon ate Chicken Marengo after defeating the Austrians at Marengo?

Amazing stuff I tell you.

Now, here are some of my own examples of chicken from around the world:
- Argentina - Lieutenant Garcia chicken - sauteed lightly in butter and lemon
- Ukraine - Admiral Boris chicken - boiled with potatoes and carrots and served on a chess board
- Qatar - Corporal Habib chicken - Roasted with garlic and served with nutty couscous
- Ireland - Private Ryan chicken (a.k.a. Saving Private Ryan chicken) - fried in canola oil and served with cabbage and corn nibblets


Anonymous said...

Your content is sinking swifter than a Tommy Maddox pass. Either take another trip of a lifetime to invigorate your shallow prose or Blog off forever[inwhich case positive mode becomes the king of the MODES.] The choice is yours Choo Choo Charlie

NegativeMode said...

First, I didn't author this post.

Second, I can only create a travel blog if I'm traveling, which I am not. It would be an interesting experiment to write a travel blog without actually traveling, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to do so.

Third, PositiveMode has not been updated in over a month, so I'm not too concerned with him becoming the "king of Modes" (that's not to be taken as a slight against PositiveMode).

Fourth, Tommy Maddox passes don't always sink. Sometimes they float 3-5 yards over a receiver's head. Sometimes they sail 6-18 yards to the right or left of a receiver. Sometimes, they don't even leave his hands as he is pounded into the turf like the concrete-footed oaf he is.

Fifth, and finally, I really liked this particular post by sinoway. There is, indeed, an intriguing connection between the military and chicken that needs to be reported upon futher. I'm glad to see that sinoway has taken it upon himself to do so.

PositiveMode said...

I did take that as a slight until I read the immediately following parenthetical.

NegativeMode said...

Fair enough (not really).