Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thank You Jebus

I would just like to be the first (although at this point I am most likely the 57th or so) to congratulate PositiveMode for passing the Bar Exam on his first attempt. I had no doubt that he would pass with flying colors as they say. Again, congratulations, it was no easy feat (nor feet).

I would also like to be the 8th to congratulate NegativeMode for passing the Bar Exam on his first attempt as well. Not only is he handsome and smart, but now also a lawyer. Good on ya mate.

No doubt all of you knew that both Modes would some day be LawyerModes -- now it is official.

Word 'em up.


optimus crime said...

I eagerly await the day that the Modes have to face each other in court.

dj skuggs said...

congratulations to you both. i wish i could say i'm happy for you, but, in truth, if i end up failing, your success will only make me bitter, so i'll have to wait a month or so before i know how i feel about this.