Friday, October 28, 2005

A Run-In I Shall Never Forget

Well, since most people seem to enjoy this blog the most when I write about my travels, I thought that today I might give you just what you asked for. Here's a little story from my trip to Europe that I forgot to write about while I was there (hard to believe I missed it, as it's pretty good). Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

If you remember from reading NegativeMode in August, I traveled to Europe. I went to over ten countries, lots of cities, etc. The last country I was in before returning home was Germany (if you don't count the stopover in Iceland). While in Munich, PositiveMode and I rented motorcycles and rode south, through the Alps, and into Austria. If you don't remember, or didn't know in the first place, you can read about that trip here.

So, during our ride, just as we passed back into Germany from Austria, PositiveMode and I pulled off of the side of the road to rest, drink some water, and enjoy the German Alps. We were in an idyllic town just at the foothills of the Alps, on the edge of a stream. There were even some cows wandering near-by with bells on their necks. Very Sound of Music. While we were relaxing, PositiveMode went into a nearby shop to purchase a few pretzels, a gold chain, and some chewing gum. Meanwhile, I wandered down the stream and a bit further into the woods. I was looking for a nice place to refill my water bottle, when wafting out through the trees, I heard what I thought were elfin voices singing, along with the sound of an accordion. I followed the noise as it grew louder. After about 50 meters, the singing stopped, but the accordion was melodically playing on. I continued towards the sound, when I reached a small clearing in the heavily wooded area. What I saw amazed me. There, staring forlornly into the distance was a lone Bavarian Highlander, outfitted in full lederhosen, playing a wistful dirge on his accordion. It turns out, he was staring up at something in the trees. Luckily, I was able to snap this picture:

I asked the wistful Highlander what he was staring at, and he slowly pointed to the trees. There, to my astonishment, were 9 dwarfs, drinking beer and playing Scatergories. Unfortunately, as soon as they saw me, they vanished, as if into thin air. Although startled, I asked the Highlander what just happened, was my mind playing tricks on me? The Highlander just smiled:

He then began stomping his feet rhythmically, smiling maniacally, and laughing like a mad man. For three seconds, silence. Then, as if he knew I was a native Pennsylvanian, he played the Pennsylvania Polka for me:

It was absolutely magical, but the whole time, I was upset that PositiveMode was missing such an authentic, magical, German experience. When I told the mysterious Highlander, he responded not with a word, but with a deep chortle which rose from the very bowls of his substantial belly. I looked at him quizzically, but he just smiled his mysterious Highlander smile, put down his accordion, and chugged a beer:

The next thing I knew, he was gone. Disappeared into the ether from whence he came. I quickly retraced my steps back down the stream to our motorcycles and told PositiveMode about what I had seen, but he didn't seem interested. Rather, he was more concerned with eating his pretzels and chewing his gum.

I just shrugged it off and we headed back to Munich. I can't believe I forgot about this story until now. I'm just glad I was lucky enough to get pictures to prove it.

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Circe said...

I'm loving it.

Clark W. Griswold wants his lederhosen back.