Friday, October 14, 2005

The Elevator Stand-Off

I really hate elevator stand-offs. By an elevator stand-off, I mean one of those instances where you're in an elevator, the elevator reaches its destination, you put your arm out and make the "after you" gesture, and at the same time, the other occupant also makes the "after you" jesture (I think this is almost exclusively a male thing, but I've never been in an elevator with another woman whereby I was also a woman so I don't know for sure). Sometimes, the arm jesture is accompanied by an "after you," "no, after you exchange."

It's just silly, two men standing there arguing about who should get of the elevator first. Does it make you effeminate to lose the stand-off? Is it boorish behavior to not offer to let another man off the elevator before you in the first place? Today, I was on the elevator with three other men. When we stopped, the other three all attempted to let the others off first. It was madness. Of course, I just got off. I refuse to participate in the elevator stand-off. I guess I'm just an effeminate boor.

Finally, there are few things better in this world than an authentic, Philadelphia cheesesteak.

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