Friday, February 17, 2006

A Fascinating Fashion Find!

Upon stumbling across the Pantalaine website last night, my first reaction was amazement. Actually, it was closer to speechlessness. Was this product really for sale? Who would sell such a thing/things? More importantly, who would buy such a thing? Once I viewed all of their various products, however, my BS detector started immediately blaring in my head. I mean really, a jacket built for two people to wear so that they're always hugging? Jeans with a built in compartment on the leg to carry around your new-born child? A triple hoodie that allows three people to stare at each other all night? A dress that also functions as an afghan to cover the whole couch? I declare shenanigans!

However, even if you do think it's fake (I do), it's still brilliant. Take some time and peruse the online store at your leisure. They have some great products aside from the ones that I've listed above. Further, according to the website, they're located in South Bend, IN, home of Notre Dame. If anyone who reads this lives in South Bend, please do me a favor: let me know if they exist or not ... and if they do, please buy me a pair of sweatpants with four arms attached to them ... I really think the ladies would love the chance to rub my leg through my sweatpants while at the same time keeping their arms warm. Thanks.


optimus primes said...

This site is actually part of the ridiculous garment-monger prank cabal of the fine people at McSweeney's Quarterly, and accompanies a similar ad in Issue 17 dating back to the early pre-November 2005-era.

McSweeney's also runs a slightly more well-known pirate supply shop, which among other things, that has various rules applicable to everyday life.

NegativeMode said...

Excellent job Optimus!

Those pirate rules remind me of another set of rules that I once read, which I also try to live by. I first saw those other rules at a rum factory on Monkey Island. I believe you were there. In fact, I think when I get home I shall post those Monkey Island life rules. The more people who know them, the better!