Thursday, February 02, 2006

Picture Time!

I thought that today I would post some pictures for you to enjoy. This first picture is of me when at summer camp. We used to have a hay barrel tossing competition. I did okay, but I would have done better if I ate breakfast that morning.
Here I am dressed up for school (can you guess which one is me?). I know those outfits aren't what you might think a traditional American student might wear to school, what with the Japanese kanji and all, but that is just what we wore for gym class. It encouraged group work I was told.
Here are some of my school friends trying to pull an 18 wheeler full of hot dogs, board games, and shoe polish from out of a ditch that it got stuck in. You can't see the truck in this picture, but man, was it heavy.

Finally, here are some kids from a rival school trying to pull the same truck back into the ditch right after we got it out. I don't know why they would do that. I guess that they're just assholes.
Hope you liked my pictures.

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Vasco Pyjama said...

And they wonder why I have an Oriental man no-go rule. Oh yeah, other than the fact that they look like my father and brothers.