Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday's Picture and Random Question

Doesn't seem very practical, does it?

Random Question: Has anyone, in the history of telephones, ever received a phone call from the police/phone company/FBI warning them in a very scary, ominous voice that the threatening phone calls that they have been receiving are "coming from inside of the house!"?

I really doubt that's ever happened in real life, even though it seems to happen fairly often in fiction. Any thoughts?


PositiveMode said...

Does it work as a computer also?

I've never received such a call, but then I have also never called the police for assistance in dealing with an annoyingly murderous-sounding mystery caller. I think my first question to such a revelation, though, would be something like "how is the call coming from 'inside the house' when I'm on my house's phone?? We don't even have a second line! Is he on a cell phone or something, and if so, how can you tell he's inside the house? Weirdos." and the FBI would probably just say they were trying to sound cool and scary and then they would hang up, and I could go back to eating my orange chicken and being Not Scared.

NegativeMode said...

I have no idea whether or not that is a working computer. I'm going to go ahead and say, definitively, that yes, it is a working computer. I'm sure OptimusCrime could build one.

I don't think I could casually go back to eating orange chicken after being informed that the threatening calls I've been receiving are "Coming from inside the house!!!" That's pretty freaky. More likely, I'd pretend to casually eat my orange chicken, but in all reality whittle my chopsticks into shivs and prepare to stab my attacker in the lung. That's just me though.

optomotrist prime said...

My computer serves chilled jagermeister.

One can only hope that this beer-server computer has not made it into wide distribution on certain engineering college campuses.

optimus dime said...

The other side of that snack room, I think.

optimus "j" simpson said...

I'm telling you, sister, this message was flagged "Urgent" for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I believe the reason you all have never gotten that mysterious call from the authorities is becuase none of you have ever babysat. Don't you realize that this scenario only applies to young teenage girls who get to babysit. If you are male---its completely a waste of time of getting that stange call...sorry guys.

I myself an experienced sitter can relate.