Monday, February 13, 2006

Kickin' it Wit My SoKo Homies

As you may or may not know, one of the best movies of all time is You Got Served. If you didn't know about that, well, you best recognize. Anyway, an absolutely fantastic movie (with some tremendous acting performances turned in by Omarion, J-Boog, and Lil' Fizz to name a few). Of course, you already know all of this. What you didn't know, was that b-boying is taking Korea by storm.

According to this article in the Korea Times, South Korean b-boys have been dominating international competition (raise your hand if you realized there even was international b-boy competition). South Korea loves kickin' it old skool so much, they've apparently have special b-boy plays. From the article:
SJ B-boys Theater, an exclusive theater for B-boy performances was built near Hong-ik University in Seoul. The performance hall of 500 audience seats is always crowded with those coming to see the performance "The Ballerina Who Fell in Love With a B-boy'' featuring the dynamic story of B-boys.
I thought for sure that the world had reached the pinacle of b-boy entertainment/media with the release of You Got Served. Who would have thought that there would be "The Ballerina Who Fell in Love With a B-Boy" showing at an exclusive theater in Seoul? Bravo South Korea. Bravo.

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Anonymous said...

i think omarion and friends are just hotjust wishing i have them rigth next to me for life.