Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your Lonely Nights are 1/4 Over!

That thing to the left of this text that looks very similar to part of a dismembered (drawn and quartered maybe?) man is actually a pillow. It's sold at and it only costs $24.99.

More importantly though, it raises a lot of questions (in my mind at least). First and foremost, does anyone else think this pillow if pretty freaky? I can understand being used to sleeping in the bed with someone, but why not just turn a regular pillow sideways or use a blanket or something? Why use a quarter of a man. The most important parts are missing anyway (I realize that is highly debatable).

Second, would it be gay for me to sleep with that pillow (not that there's anything wrong with that)? Maybe, as a man, I really enjoy female company in my bed and can only get a truly restful sleep when there's a pretty lady beside me. Would it be okay for me to get this pillow to help me sleep? I think not, but maybe that's just silly and homophobic.

Anyway, for those of you who have trouble sleeping at night without another in your bed, this one's for you. Also, please order me one. Thanks.


alamode said...

If you like to sleep in the arms of a big, burly woman then this pillow would be perfectly acceptable for you to sleep with.

NegativeMode said...

Touche Alamode, touche.

If there's one thing I love more than the arms of a big, burly woman, it's the arm of 1/4 of a big, burly woman.

SupaMode said...

Can you please do a review to see how comfortable, and more importantly, how comforting the 1/4 he/she pillow really is? I'd appreciate it.

Circe said...

This thing definitely freaks me out.

I heard the concept started in Japan.

I think turning over to find that "your man" is headless..and well...cut in half..and has no legs...well that would induce more nightmares than comfort.