Friday, May 22, 2009

1937 BMW 328

1937 BMW 328, originally uploaded by M. Rosenberg.

1937 BMW 328 from the Simeone Foundation in Philadelphia, PA. From the Foundation's website: BMW 328s were commonly ordered by wealthy Germans to compete against each other at the Nürburgring. Since the cars were virtually identical, the winner could claim bragging rights as “the best driver.”

The Nürburgring was opened in 1927, the same year that Mercedes and Benz were joined. This marque, along with many others would find fame on the legendary 18-mile circuit, built to be a showcase for German engineering and driving talent.

This shot is another in my series of classic cars (all from the Simeone Foundation) that I processed from multiple exposures. Textures were added to give the worn, classic, historic, etc. feel, similar to the 1926 Kissel and 1938 Jaguar. If you care, the reason I used the heavy texturing and processing is because I wasn't happy with the shots as taken. In hindsight, my framing, pov, and focus could have been better on many of them. Treating them to make them look "worn" feels natural to me for the subject and creates a good look, all while hiding my perceived shortcoming with the original shots. Of course, everyone will have different opinions....

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susan said...

I think the texturing is most effective. It almost looks like a hand drawn picture. Nicely done.