Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back Again, Different Fomat

If anyone still reads this blog (and you should, because the content posted on here is all fantasticly entertaining and witty), I am now going to be posting more regularly. More specifically, Flickr is going to be posting more regularly for me. Let me explain:

Work has generally sucked all creativity from me as far as blogging goes. This has resulted in semi-annual posts on this blog, as opposed to daily, which is what I used to strive for. Work has not, however, sucked all creativity from me. I have been working on my photography recently, both shooting and post-processing. I'm going to be posting that photography on this website for you to enjoy, critique, etc.

Please comment on my pictures and help me get better. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. It will only help me improve. Please click on the photos and comment on the Flickr page, where I'll be sure to see your comments.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy (also, I'll try to post here occasionally with my former attempts at entertainment).

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