Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sad, Stupid Law

I don't really have must time to comment much, but check out this article from RockyMountainNews re: the city of Denver's pit bull ban. Now, I probably don't fall into the category of animal lover (unless you're talking about a fine steak), nor even dog lover (I do like Floyd and Sadie), but I have a huge problem with Denver's law, and especially their enforcement of said law. The law: in Denver it is illegal to own a pit bull. If you own one, the police will come to your door (with force if necessary), take your dog from you, and have it killed. That's sick.

This is a reaction, of course, to the death of a little girl by a pit bull. And it's an insane, stupid, reaction. Any dog can be trained (i.e., tortured) to be a brutal killer (Even Jet Li. You can see for yourself in Unleashed, in theaters this Friday). Starve, beat, whip a collie and you'll get the same monsterous animal. It's irrationality at its highest degree to then round up all collies for death (doggie genocide?). Anyway, no need for me to rant, you get the idea. . . .

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with this. This is doggie discrimination. All you soon-to-be lawyers should consider doing a little pro-bono in Denver for our canine friends.