Friday, May 27, 2005

We Made the Lyrics, Part I

I have decided that as a weekly feature (or as often as I remember to do it) I will post some lyrics for you from a song by one of this century's most greatly underappreciated artists: Camp Lo (I will, at a later date, discuss the brilliance of Camp Lo, but I'd rather you become familiar with their beautiful verses first). The purpose of this exercise is to open your eyes to a greater power (it will come with time), and to spark discussion over the meaning of the lyrics. To know Camp Lo is to know yourself. . . .

"Bro', kissin in quiet fire
Higher will get us lower
Staufer, she coffe diggin
Riggin' in shattered lifers
We only jive talkin
Razor keep cotton squawkin
Blazin the loose cannans
On top of white diomonds sands
Street corner symphonies spillin
Prisons are lower twistin
Brown Hornet keepin it nappy
Keep us on, keepin on"

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