Monday, July 04, 2005

Antigravity Mode Off, Sir

It's quite an honor to be taken in here at NegativeMode while in exile from PositiveMode (or, The Blog We Do Not Speak Of). I will do my best to bring honor to this, the only remaining active Mode.

Don't you find it frustrating when your local government, possibly in the interest of allowing people to sleep off a day of drinking, hold the fireworks presentation on the third (or sometimes even the second) of July? It's an exceedingly common practice, and there's nothing particularly wrong with celebrating on a different day; however, it results in lots of awkard "Happy Fourth of July!, er, third, but you know what I mean..."-type of situations. We should probably amend the Constitution to allow Congress to ban Fourth of July celebrations on any day other than the actual Fourth.

Note, as you watch your baseball games and what nots during this holiday that when the National Anthem is peformed, it does, in fact, end with a question. It's not usually sung that way, though. Is it possible to sing a question?

Remember, as Lisa Turtle so importantly reminded us, the Fourth means "fun, fireworks, and 50 percent off at all major department stores."

Happy Fourth of July!


NegativeMode said...

Good job on expressing holiday wishes from the NegativeMode crew. I didn't have time to do so.

Happy Fifth of July!

circe said...

I agree, but it does suck that the 4th was on a weekday this year. I think the real holiday should be July 5th so that you have time to be properly hungover.