Sunday, July 03, 2005

Product of the Day - Perfect Sideburns?

Today's product of the day - Perfect Sideburns. This product is designed for men (or women, the site points out) to create the perfect sideburns. Just check out these perfectly sculpted sideburns on the sample page. The thing is pretty much a pair of glasses with a sideburn stencil on either side. I suppose it's a good enough idea for those retarded enough not to be able to control a razor.

Where the Perfect Sideburns really shines though is in its ability to create perfectly sculpted ridiculous sideburns, such as mutton chops, the hulihee, or the franz-josef (after looking at that link, tell me, what is it that facial hair is always, without fail, so amusing?). Sweet. Now if only I can find a picture of someone wearing the Perfect Sideburns and the HooterShooter at the same time. . . .

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